Neww Mthods and Advnacements in The Security Guard Field

Is It Time to Have Your Business Security System Updated?

The security system or alarms you have for your business are just as important as the products you make or services you provide; without a good alarm system, you can easily lose your entire inventory or have your paperwork and corporate secrets compromised from just one break-in! Note when it might be time to upgrade the system installed at your business, and why this can be important.

Low productivity is common

You may have had your original security system installed to guard against a break-in or theft by an intruder, and even to guard against employee theft, but if your employees are not very productive, it's time for an upgrade. You might have cameras installed over warehouse receiving areas, inventory storage rooms, sales floors, office desks, call centres, and other workspaces, to monitor employee activity and note why productivity lags. There may be legal restrictions as to where you can put all those cameras, such as omitting them from locker rooms and of course restrooms, but a system installer can usually give you recommendations as to the best locations for checking on employee workflow.

You've already had a break-in

If your location has already suffered a break-in, this may signal that your intrusion alarms are insufficient for deterring such incidents. You may want to add more motion detectors and outside lights that would scare away a trespasser, alarms around windows that sound when glass breaks, or motion detectors inside a building that can also sound if the exterior alarms are bypassed somehow. You may also need to upgrade the panel of the alarm so that it's more difficult for a thief to bypass.

Employees often fumble with the system

If employees, cleaning crew, and others who need access to the system often fumble with its operation, perhaps always getting the code wrong, hitting the wrong combination of buttons to disarm versus arm the system, and the like, it may be time to upgrade it. An older system is often cumbersome and may rely on a long string of numbers for its code, or a complicated mix of numbers and symbols for various zones, and these steps can be difficult for employees to remember. An upgraded system may work with a shorter code, and may have graphics on the panel that prompt an employee for how to set the alarm, disarm it, set it for just certain zones, and the like. Upgrading the system can then mean fewer false alarms and less employee stress when working the system.