3 Skills Which Your Security Team Need to Have

If you own a large retail store, you may be considering hiring a team of security guards to protect your customers and the products on display. However, when looking for security personnel for your store, it is essential to check that they have the right skills and training. Below is a guide to three skills you should look for when interviewing your new security team. Body Language Recognition During busy shopping periods, your store will sometimes contain lots of shoppers. [Read More]

How to Select Sensors for Alarm Systems

Have you decided to install an alarm system to enhance the security of your home? Read on and discover the key features that you should consider when you are selecting motion sensors or glass-break detectors for your alarm system. Set Up and Upgrade Ease Select sensors that you can easily set up. This will allow you to start reaping the benefits of those sensors immediately. You should also ensure that the sensors you select can be upgraded easily when the need arises. [Read More]

Is It Time to Have Your Business Security System Updated?

The security system or alarms you have for your business are just as important as the products you make or services you provide; without a good alarm system, you can easily lose your entire inventory or have your paperwork and corporate secrets compromised from just one break-in! Note when it might be time to upgrade the system installed at your business, and why this can be important. Low productivity is common [Read More]

Key things to consider before buying a security screen door

Installing a screen door is one of the best security decisions you could make. It'll make your home more secure and additionally protect your inner door from harsh weather. However, screen doors are also vulnerable to burglary. That's why you need to ensure that you choose a screen door that's secure enough. So before installing such a door, here are some few things you need to think about. Mounting installation method [Read More]