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How Crowd Control Guards Can Keep an Emergency Evacuation Safe for All

Crowd control guards play many roles at events, including taking charge of emergency evacuations when need arises. When emergency evacuations are taking place, the crowd control guards take certain deliberate actions to keep the situation under control. This article discusses some of those actions.

Announcing Evacuation Procedures Calmly

The composure of the person announcing evacuation procedures is very critical in shaping how the crowd will respond to that situation. Crowd control guards work very closely with the organizers of the event so that announcements are made in a way that does not spread panic among the event attendees. They will be on hand to give advice about the best way to guide the crowd to move out quickly and safely. For instance, the announcer can tell the people at the venue to walk briskly towards the exits without pushing the person ahead of them. Such an announcement will minimize panic from developing among the people and they will move in an orderly manner, thereby preventing a stampede from developing.

Preventing Backflow Of People

Crowd control guards know that people who have forgotten things during an emergency evacuation may decide to head back to retrieve those items. Such an action can trigger a deadly backflow of people, which can result in some individuals being trampled. The guards therefore liaise with the event management team so that their deployment is structured in such a way as to keep people moving in one direction, rather than in different directions. This nips any backflow in the bud before it grows to a dangerous level of holding up the evacuation.

Managing The Parking Lots

Crowd control guards know that trouble can stem from disorderly driving once attendees of an event get to the parking lots. They therefore deploy mobile patrols to back up the parking lot attendants so that panic or undue haste is avoided as people leave the venue. The mobile patrols control the speed at which drivers exit the car park by signaling to them to slow down. The parking attendants direct drivers to exits that are not very crowded at that moment so that a traffic jam does not develop, causing more panic.

Crowd control guards simulate worst-case scenarios of emergency evacuations and they practice how to get people to safety quickly. It is therefore advisable that you engage these personnel so that in case an emergency occurs they will not be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. For more information, contact a company like Backup Security Services.