Neww Mthods and Advnacements in The Security Guard Field

Considerations When Buying Commercial Security Systems

Is your commercial building secure? Modern commercial buildings are exposed to a wide range of security threats, including burglaries, espionage, and fires. Security systems are your best defence against these threats. Below is a guide detailing the various commercial security systems. 


The underlying principle when installing CCTV systems should be their functionality. For instance, when installing outdoor security cameras, you would be concerned about their resistance to the various weather elements. As such, the cameras should have a weather-resistant casing. Moreover, they should have a heated lens to clear mist during cold weather. You might want to integrate outdoor security cameras with automatic gate openers in some cases. Typically, the cameras send a signal to open the gate once they identify a vehicle whose number plates exist in the system. If this is the case, the CCTV should have a sharp focus to ensure they can read fine details. 

Two factors come into play when installing indoor security cameras. First, examine the camera's range to know the area it covers. You will need fewer cameras if you go for cameras with a wide range. However, you should examine the picture quality since you need crisp images. At night, the building's occupants switch off the lights. Burglars often take advantage of this. Therefore, indoor CCTV cameras should have night vision abilities. This way, investigators can easily determine who broke into the premises.  

Alarms And Restricted Access Systems

Alarms are a critical aspect of any commercial security system. Ideally, the devices alert neighbours and security guards of a break-in. The alarm system should incorporate various sensors, including glass-break sensors, pressure mats, motion sensors, pressure switches and glass break sensors. Most property owners are often in a dilemma of whether or not to go for monitored alarms. Although a monitored alarm attracts a monthly charge, it improves the security of your building since the security company responds when the alarm goes off. 

A restricted access system helps control who enters and leaves your building. Ideally, the system should have several security levels. For instance, all occupants should have access to the gate and common areas. However, the key cards could be calibrated so that occupants can only access their offices. This way, you avoid security breaches.  

Perimeter Security

A perimeter fence will prevent unauthorised people from accessing the premises. Different fences offer varying levels of security. For instance, a chain-link fence will keep feral animals away from the premises. However, thieves could gain easy access since they can cut the fence. If you opt for this fence, you could incorporate electric and razor wire fencing. Security walls guarantee the highest level of security. Besides, they conceal the premises from prying eyes.  

For more information on commercial security systems, contact a company near you.