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Key Considerations When Choosing CCTV Security Systems

When choosing CCTV security systems, you need to consider various factors to ensure you get the most out of the system. Such factors include the following:

Night Vision

CCTV cameras are not only required during the day but also at night. Nighttime is when intruders think it is safer to break into a property. You want the CCTV cameras to have the capability of showing clear images at night and also recording clear videos. You might have lighting that makes the images clear, but you should be ready for times when the lights go out.

CCTV Footage Storage

You should have ample space to store CCTV camera footage. An online cloud is the best storage option because it is not physical, meaning that it does not occupy space and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This also minimises theft or loss of storage media like USB sticks, CDs or DVDs, memory cards, SD cards, etc.


CCTV devices should be weatherproof to avoid damage from harsh weather conditions like UV rays, rain, snow and strong winds. Ensure you ask about weather damage because some CCTV cameras are only made for indoor use or under a shade that shields them from the weather.

Power Source

You will want to save on energy bills and cater for the times that there is a power outage. CCTV systems are mostly powered by electricity, but you can have solar panels installed. They can help reduce your energy bills and kick in when electrical power fails. This guarantees that your CCTV system is always up and running.


The colour of your CCTV system devices might seem like a minor thing, but some people might like the cameras to camouflage with the surroundings because they don't want them noticed. If you are such a person, the colour of CCTV devices might be something you want to think about.

Inspection and Maintenance

All systems require inspection and maintenance. A CCTV security system comes with a manufacturer manual that states the necessary inspection and maintenance steps you are supposed to take to ensure the system remains in good condition and is functional for the longest time possible.

If you encounter any mechanical problems, don't try to make any repairs because you might make the problem worse. Contact the CCTV company that sold you the CCTV system to visit your premises and fix the problem.