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3 Skills Which Your Security Team Need to Have

If you own a large retail store, you may be considering hiring a team of security guards to protect your customers and the products on display. However, when looking for security personnel for your store, it is essential to check that they have the right skills and training. Below is a guide to three skills you should look for when interviewing your new security team.

Body Language Recognition

During busy shopping periods, your store will sometimes contain lots of shoppers. It is vital that your security team understand how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour. Staff who have been trained in body language recognition can add a great deal of value to your security set-up. While shoplifters and pickpockets will try their best to blend in with the crowds of other shoppers, the way they behave can give them away. For example, a person who is planning to shoplift will look around much more frequently than an average shopper as they attempt to check if they are being observed by other people or by CCTV. A security person who is trained to detect this type of behaviour will often be able to intervene before an incident occurs by simply standing close to the person or by approaching to ask if they need any help. This simple intervention can often be enough to make a potential shoplifter leave the store.

Restraint Techniques

Unfortunately, if an incident does occur in which a person steals goods and then attempts to flee, your security team may have no option other than to restrain the individual until the police arrive. However, it is vital the person conducting the restraint is fully trained. If someone without training attempts to carry out a restraint, it could result in serious injury or even death of the suspect. When hiring staff, you should always check if they have been given restraint training which will allow them to restrain a person safely.

First Aid

It is also important to remember that your security team aren't only there to stop shoplifters. They are also around to offer aid to other members of the public. If a customer becomes unwell in your store, it can help to have staff who are trained in first aid on hand. Your security team are ideally placed to spot people who are unwell and to offer aid.

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