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How to Select Sensors for Alarm Systems

Have you decided to install an alarm system to enhance the security of your home? Read on and discover the key features that you should consider when you are selecting motion sensors or glass-break detectors for your alarm system.

Set Up and Upgrade Ease

Select sensors that you can easily set up. This will allow you to start reaping the benefits of those sensors immediately. You should also ensure that the sensors you select can be upgraded easily when the need arises. For instance, find glass-break sensors that can be upgraded to turn on the exterior lights in addition to setting off the alarm.

Wide Coverage

You should also consider how large the area that can be covered by those sensors is. Sensors with the broadest range available will do a better job than sensors with limited coverage because a breach of security can occur at the edge of the range covered. You, therefore, need to buy more sensors to cover your entire property with those sensors whose range is small.

Dual Technology

False alarms are a big concern to people who install motion detectors or glass-break sensors in their homes because such false alarms can disturb the occupants while they sleep at night. One way to limit such nuisance alarms is by selecting sensors with dual technologies. For example, you can buy motion sensors that detect movement as well as the heat signature of an intruder. Similarly, you can select glass-break detectors that identify the sound of something hitting the glass in addition to sensing when it is broken. These two systems help to reduce the likelihood of false alarms.

Bug Guards

Insects can also get into the sensor and trigger a false alarm. Some alarm system manufacturers make sensors that have features to prevent bugs from triggering false alarms. Other manufacturers don't include such features. Select the sensors that have in-built protection to keep bugs out. You will reduce nuisance alarms, and your maintenance costs may go down as well since you won't have to clean out the sensors regularly.

It is normally better to have more than one type of sensor in the alarm system that you install. For instance, you can install glass-break sensors on the large expanses of glass on your patio doors while the motion sensors can be installed to oversee the approach to your main entrance. Talk to a security system professional to learn more about security alarms and options for sensors.